Requirements Identification

What currently works for your business - and is necessary to maintain in a new solution?  What new markets are you entering that must also be addressed by this software purchase?  What pitfalls does your company specifically want to avoid?

The above questions and much more will need to be addressed prior to initiating your software search.  We help you efficiently compile your requirements by understanding management's priorities while also incorporating how your firm conducts its day-to-day business. 

RFI Assembly

Once the requirements have been identified, a detailed or high-level RFI can be created and distributed to vendors.  An RFI is an efficient method to quickly identify which vendors can satisfy a company's key needs.

Vendor Engagement

Researching vendors, conducting initial vendor inquiries, reviewing RFI responses all can be very time consuming for a business.  We take the lead on all vendor interactions so our customers can focus on both their day-to-day responsibilities and future initiatives.

Implementation Oversight

Given that we have had a prominent role in your requirements gathering and/or vendor selection process, outsourcing the implementation oversight can be beneficial to enterprises that are challenged by resource availability or technical expertise.
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